7 / 12 2016

Vietnam Teacher’s Day fun and meaningful

Welcome Vietnam Teachers’ Day 20/11, teachers and students of School Systems Learn DLQT Edu has held numerous exciting activities for teacher appreciation as the wall Journalism Contest, Golden Bell, voice chatter, a theater performance … and especially congratulate the teachers’ day ceremony took place over two days 19 and 20/11.

mua-be (2)

This is a meaningful gift to give the “ferryman” and those who are silent dedication to the cause of planting people in general and to the development of Learn Edu particular.

In solemn atmosphere, but equally warm, joyful congratulation ceremony, memories of the teachers and students is reminiscent, small gifts are given away with gratitude and new aspirations opens on the road to conquer knowledge. Besides enjoying the songs and dances are elaborately practice; teachers also have moments of heart about the images in retrospect, his own footage recorded in the class. And that emotion is still rising while the teachers received the flowers from her pupil.