Our school was built as a second home for children and our priority is to make them feel loved, secure and develop in the best way.

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International Education

International School Learn Edu is an international private school located in the heart of the city.

Advanced Human Resources

Our team consists of highly qualified teachers in the industry. We believe that with the professional team.

Our goals

We believe that children should have a comprehensive development and that we can develop a reasonable plan to help them.

Field of our activities

Primary education

Learning gently but effectively, with the motto "Every day is a good day to go to school."

Preschool program

Baby Care and help them develop wisdom, knowledge necessary preparation to class 1.

Junior high school

"Student-centered", promoting the power of thought, passion for learning and applying knowledge into practice.

Boarding school

Little Angel brings educational programs with full high quality support services for students.


Plan outdoor activities

Extracurricular preschool

Natural for a baby is exciting to know during your baby's cognitive development.

Primary activities
Primary education

This event followed the chain of extra-curricular activities are held regularly and have a tradition.

History museum
Visiting the museum

Learning at the historical museum for elementary students and junior high school.

Extracurricular English

Learn English through fun extracurricular activities is one of the most effective ways.

The program ours

Preschool program

Preschool Curriculum International: The learning environment of preschool classes are fully equipped with rich educational material, toys safely facilitate children […]
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Secondary Curriculum

Of the school curriculum Learn Edu * Program Vietnamese Teaching quality assurance program standard Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training […]
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